Other Solutions

We shall continue to watch for and analyze other fire-rescue systems and devices of all types, looking for any aspect
that can be integrated with our own.  This will allow us to stay abreast of break-through technologies and possibly
partner with another group working toward a similar goal.

The following are systems currently available and/or in use that make an attempt at the same application.  All of these fall severly short of the criteria list for our system.  Some require rescue personnel to man the mechanisms while others are simply not scaleable to large buildings.  All of them have admirable qualities but none use our approach toward a complete solution.

High Rise Office Escape System
This system cannot be scaled to skyscrapers, requires trained personnel to operate, and would not function well in extreme weather conditions.

Groundbreaking Escape Rescue Systems
The system(s) is expensive, rescues only a small number of people at once, it wastes time returning to upper floors, and assumes people will not panic.

Multi-Entry Escape Chute
This system assumes people will use it without feeling claustrophobic even when an area fills with smoke.  It also creates a physical problem when one person descends immediately on top of another.  What happens when someone above you is trying to escape faster than you are able to go?!

The Executive Chute
This item is a personal rescue device which assumes the user will jump from a building and not be blown back against it.  Even if an individual can land safely, they must first steer clear of wires, street vehicles and other people to avoid causing injury or death.