What is it?

A detailed description is intentionally omitted here to protect our intellectual property rights.  We want everyone
on the planet to know what the Eccolator is and why every tall building should have one, but we also want to
avoid maintaining a considerable litigation fund to protect our rights when resources can be better spent on
saving lives instead.

For a detailed description of the Eccolator, including diagrams, send a request to office@mynetta.com.
Please include a short description of the type of work you are involved in and tell us if you are interested in helping
to bring this life saving system to the entire world.

If you have questions about investing and/or venture capital opportunities, please indicate you wish to discuss
the matter with Mr. Fuoco.

At one time, elevators and escalators were odd contraptions, even the plain old telephone first seemed like
wild magic, some called it the work of the devil.  Our vision is to one day have the Eccolator seem
as commonplace as these things, yet we also hope it is never used for the purpose intended!